Thursday, May 11, 2006

Stuff roundup

Stuff on the web that has caught my eye recently.


The current issue of the journal developmental dynamics has a nice set of evo-devo type papers on craniofacial development:

Craniofacial development in marsupial mammals: Developmental origins of evolutionary change

Comparative ontogeny and phylogeny of the upper jaw skeleton in amniotes

21st Century neontology and the comparative development of the vertebrate skull

It’s a similar issue to the free Journal of anatomy one I have mentioned before.

There is a fascinating set of papers in press at the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B on the early stages of evolution of life based on a meeting "Major steps in cell evolution: palaeontological, molecular and cellular evidence of their timing and global effects" including:

Fossil evidence of Archaean life

The origin and evolution of Archaea: a state of the art

The origin and diversification of eukaryotes: problems with molecular phylogenetics and molecular clock estimation

Palaeoclimates: the first two billion years

Eukaryotic organisms in Proterozoic oceans

Darwin's dilemma: the realities of the Cambrian ‘explosion’

Blog Carnivals:

Tangled Bank & the skeptics circle


OpenStreetMap maps Isle of Wight, Manchester next (link)

The Alphabet in Butterfly wings, Evolutionary Biology Digital Dissection Collection,

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