Friday, May 26, 2006

Stuff Roundup 26/06

Stuff on the web/in the news that has caught my eye recently.


There was a letter sent by several leading doctors to the Times calling for the use only of medicine "based on solid evidence" and attacking bogus quackery such as homeopathy. This of course sent the quacks into a fit. It has been well covered at: Skeptico, Skepchick and rhetorically speaking.

Good news from oxford: Oxford lab injunction tightened. See also the Scientific activist's post on a Pro-test meeting.


A fabulous review of the ediacaran is in press at Earth science reviews :

The Vendian (Ediacaran) in the geological record: Enigmas in geology's prelude to the Cambrian explosion
In Press, Corrected Proof,
G.J.H. McCall.

It's 229 pages long and very comprehensive

The January-February 2006 issue of Comptes Rendus Palevol is available for free and contains loads of fascinating papers on human prehistory and evolution.

The International Journal of Biological Sciences has a nice series of papers on Amphioxus, see also the special issue (freely available) of Canadian Journal of Zoology on Protochordata.

The Quarterly Review of Biology has a free sample issue with an interesting paper on the origin of life: 'Small Molecule Interactions were Central to the Origin of Life'.


Carnivals: Skeptics' Circle, I and the Bird and Tangled Bank.

Dracorex hogwartsia a cool new dinosaur has been announced see the Hairy Museum of Natural History and another post.

No genes were lost in the making of this whale from Pharyngula,

The most freaky of all mammals: rabbits from Darren Naish.

Lovely pictures of Squid and Jellyfish from BibliOdyssey.

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