Thursday, December 08, 2005

Mayan codices

An image from the Kingsborough edition of the Dresden codex that seems to represent a god formed from a mixture of various deities
I have been interested in the mayan civilisation for a long time so I was very happy to discover that FAMSI has made copies of all the mayan codices available to download:

The Dresden Codex
The Grolier Codex
The Madrid Codex
The Paris Codex

They are available to view online of download as PDFs which are up to 90 megs!
The magnitude of the destruction of mayan culture that followed the spanish invasion can be appreciated by the fact that these are the only four mayan codices in existance (although one must always hope that some more have been miraculously preserved)

There are also Aztec and Mixtec codices available (mostly just as images online) see complete list:

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