Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Fake eggs in China!

This is totally unbelievable but apparently the notorious fakers of China are no longer content just to pirate medicines, cars, aircraft parts and designer goods and are now creating artificial eggs that they can sell for half the price of real eggs [Via].

These eggs can cause serious health problems if you eat them as they are made from things like Alum, Calcium chloride paraffin wax, gelatine, lactone, carboxymethyl cellulose, sodium alga acid, sodium benzoate, lysine etc. - yuk.

A photo of the final stage in the process of making fake eggs, from Here

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http://news.xinhuanet.com/photo/2004-12/28/content_2387255.htm (news report in chinese - pics of real and fake eggs)


KevinAbba said...

sick of Chinese. they make money out of cloning everything.

Sillyme said...

In any race there are good and bad...the usage of their creativity and knowledge will be apply on what they already know.
Europe strive on drugs, chinese on food, Africa sex and child labour
Same everywhere !!
All these people are bastards !

Anonymous said...

Oh man, here we go again...The Chinese have no shame. I am ashamed on their behalf....I've never met any race of people such as them...the Jews love money but they are smart enough to know the repercussions of their actions...the Italians too...but these Chinese, they don't care if they piss in the very water they drink as long as they make a buck....I am beginning to really really not like Chinese people. Freaking criminals...all the organized crime is headed by the Chinese...credit card scams, counterfeit everything, money laundering, gambling, whore houses, anything you can think of that cuts corners or is a scam, the Chinese will do it....no morals, only the absolute love of money.

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