Sunday, February 26, 2006


After reading about the pro-test march in oxford via scientific activist I decided it was time to not just be annoyed at the awful behaviour of the 'animal rights' extremists and show support for the oxford lab and scientific research in general. So I went to oxford and waved a placard and shouted a bit. Here is a pic of me doing that stuff:

I am the one with the placard from

It was a really good march, the turnout was much larger than I expected (500-800) and dwarfed the rival demonstration (150-200). Everyone was very calm in contrast to the 'animal rights' protest which are marked by scuffles with the police. I guess it's the difference between people who have made a rational choice and fanatics who have lost all sense of perspective in pursuit of their ideology.

While in oxford I had time to check out the attractions such as the Pitt Rivers Museum, Museum of the History of Science (lovely astrolabes) and the Oxford University Museum of Natural History.

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