Sunday, October 16, 2005

Wren's Nest

I live near the lovely Wren's Nest national nature reserve so was very happy to learn (via discuss fossils) that a website with pictures of fossils collected there has been created by Geoff Broughton here:


It's well worth a look.

If you want to see the fossils in real life you can visit the Dudley Museum & Art Gallery, or the Lapworth Museum, or of course you could visit Wren's Nest itself. The picture is of the trilobite Calymene blumenbachii from Wren's Nest in the Dudley museum.

I have a set of photos taken at the Dudley museum on flickr here.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lukas, nice site - one small request - please correct 'loveley' to 'lovely' - it looks better because it's correct and as the spelling error is right at the start of your write-up, it has the effect of putting serious readers off.

Anonymous said...

My Wren's Nest fossils web site has now moved to
I must find time to update my identifications.